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Saturday, May 26, 2007
  JEDI AMA Makati May 2007
The JEDI AMA training was held at AMA Makati from May 21 to 25.

Day 1: AM

We started off with the introduction to JEDI and the pre-test. Then before the noon break we had our hello world program using the command prompt although we had a few problems with setting the system path.

Day 1: PM

We had our hello world using netbeans. Then we discussed how to enter Strings from the keyboard and we had our first user input exercises.

Day 2: AM

Spent the morning discussing Java fundamentals, operators, variables, and data types. The participants also learned how to convert Strings into integers and double data types which allowed us to have exercises on data reading.

Day 2: PM

Discussed the if-statement and loops. As some of the participants are first time programmers, we spent the afternoon on exercises on loops. also have a short talk on how to do tracing in netbeans.

Day 3: AM

Discussed Object oriented programming. Had an exercises on creating their own classes.

Day 3: PM

Spent the afternoon on additional oop exercises.

Day 4: AM

Spent the morning discussing inheritance and polymorphism using a lot of exercises. although some of the participants still had a little difficulty grasping the programming element of oop, they at least were able to grasp the fundamental concepts.

Day 4: PM

To lighten up an otherwise heavy training, i gave them a walk though on how to create a GUI application using notepad. I explained that although netbeans does have a click and drag GUI design similar to Visual Basic, they needed to be able to program a GUI app from scratch in order to know how to be able to use the GUI Design functionaliy of netbeans.

Ended up with a simple application that copies text from a text box to a label, with a button for clearing the text box and label as well as a button for choosing color for the label. showed them a few Component methods such as .setToolTipText or .setBackground and even how to use fonts and load pictures.

Day 5: AM

In the morning I discussed simple layouting using the layout managers and JPanel. Then we discussed how to use the Design Form in Netbeans.

Day 5: PM

We discussed a little about threads and packages and to end on a high note, i gave them an advance peek into mobile application development.

THen we had our post-test and awarding ceremony
Saturday, May 19, 2007
  JEDI Phase 2 Cebu May 2007
JEDI Phase 2 Mobile Application Development was held in University of San Jose Recollectos in Basak, Cebu from April 30 to May 4. Although the training was slated for 5 days, the courseware itself only required 4 days to completely cover

April 30

On the first day, we had the pre-test and the hello world for mobile application before lunch. Afternoon we discussed the chapter 1, the introduction to mobile programming, and chapter 3 a discussion of the high level user interface

May 1

As it was a holiday (leading to problems with using the labs) the participants requested to have a day off. Since there was more than enough time to cover the courseware, we spent the day touring the city.

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The quintessential Cebu photo

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Cebu cathedral

May 2

Resumed with the discussion. For the morning, we had exercises on the High Level UI, and button usage.

Afternoon we discussed the Low Level UI chapter. Yung the keylistener classes, we created a small animation application where a red ball goes around the screen via key presses.

May 3

In the morning we discusses the record management system, how to load save data into the mobile phone.

In the afternoon, we discussed networking. Rather than discussing connecting to a webpage, i decided to focus on chapter 10's topic on sending and receiving SMS messages. First we made a mobile application that could send SMS to the WMA Console. Then we made an application that could receive messages from the WMA console (a short discussion on threads were needed). Then we combined what we learned from the two applications to create an application that could send and receive SMS messages.

May 4

On the last day, we spend the morning covering the generic connection framework and optimizations. The afternoon was spent first by having students who had java enabled phones to get the applications they have created and load them to their phones. Then we had our closing ceremonies.

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Participants listening

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Talking about SMS messages

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Phase 2 Cebu Batch Picture
  JEDI Olongapo April 2007
JEDI Olongapo was held in Gordon College Olongapo April 23 to 27.

Day 1 AM:

I did the JEDI introduction. Spent the morning talking to the participants, asking about each school's introductory subjects. The talk was pretty enlightening to everyone, its not often that they get to see how other schools teach their students. Then before lunch had the pre-test.

Day 1 PM:

Started on the lectures. As for the whole class only one or two participants have used java before, I had decided to do the lectures by myself. In the afternoon we had the hello world program command line and in netbeans. We next covered user inputs so we could have exercises with user interaction.

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Participants doing lab work

Day 2: AM

In the morning we covered basic constructs. Had plenty of exercises. Also, a representative from Accenture passed through the college and gave a short talk on how Java is an in demand skill in the industry.

Day 2: PM

We covered arrays and command line inputs.

Day 3: AM/PM

In the morning we discussed object oriented programming. As the participants needed to have a little extra practice on object oriented concepts, we spent the day on OOP exercises.

Day 4: AM/PM

Spent the day on Abstraction, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Morning lecture, then afternoon exercises.

Day 5: GUI

To end the course, I gave them a short walkthrough on GUI creation: Components, Event Handling and Layouting. The afternoon was spent with the post exam and the final ceremony. Each school was asked to give a short talk were asked to give feedback on the course they attended.

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JEDI Olongapo Group Picture

Oh, and they gave me 2 kilos of chocolates as a thank you gift. ^_^
Monday, May 07, 2007
  Jedi Mandaluyong April 2007
Jedi Phase 1 in Mandaluyong was held in Jose Rizal University from April 16 to 20.

Day 1 AM:

Hazel did the JEDI introduction to the participants. We had the pre-test and then the Hello World traditional hello world program before noon, using Netbeans before command line compilation though, as the lab security settings at the time did not allow for the use of the command line.

I also asked about the introductory curriculum for each of their schools. Most schools had Programming Logic Formation, an entire semester of flow charting before intro to programming. Some schools taught javascript and html for their intro classes.

There are some java teachers in the class, so I distributed some chapters for them to teach.

Day 1 PM:

Hello world command line. However, the first time java programmers liked Netbeans that they'd rather use it than the command line, particularly when i thought them the keyboard shortcuts, such as sout for System.out.println, and the automatic code formatter.

The rest of the day was spent discussing Chapter 4 programming fundamentals.

Day 2: AM

Chapter 5 keyboard input and Chapter 6 control structures. Both were taught by teachers who hadn't had java programming experience yet but teach intro courses.

Day 2: PM

Chapter 7 Java Arrays and Chapter 8 Command Line Arguments in the afternoon. Ended discussion here as to start with OOP concepts the next day

Day 3: AM

Chapter 10 Creating your own classes was handled by a participant who has taught Java before. The whole morning was spent with discussions and exercises on OOP

Day 3: PM

The afternoon was spent with the second half of chapter 10 which deals with abstraction, and a lesson on packages.

Day 4: AM

Discussion on inheritance and polymorphism

Day 4: PM

Discussion on lists and stacks, part of data structures, and how to create applets.

Day 5

To end the training with a bang, the last day was a discussion of Chapter 8 and 9 of Phase 2, GUI design. The participants, particularly the first time java programmers, were happy to create applications with JFrames

Had the post test before noon and the closing ceremonies in the afternoon

(note: no pictures yet, ask ko si hazel for them ^_^;;; )
Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  Sun GPLs Java
What do you know? Sun GPLs Java. See the news at and I am sure that you will love it.
Sunday, July 16, 2006
  Learn AJAX for free!
Check out JEDI Master Sang Shin offer another great course with passion! :D
Thursday, May 25, 2006
  2nd FREE Java Intro Programming Bootcamp course
The free 10-week Introduction to Programming using Java Bootcamp starts today. This is led by JavaPassion's Sang Shin, one of the Sun Java Evangelists and a Java Education & Development Initiative (JEDI) Master.

You can still join the online class by subscribing to The course website and schedule along with other details can be found at JavaPassion.

C'mon and join the fun!

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Friday, May 19, 2006
  Java Champions

Java Champions
Originally uploaded by lover.
Java Champions and JEDI Masters JP and Rom with the other Java Champions from Brazil, Italy and Mexico.

Originally uploaded by lover.
JavaOne's "After Dark" party with the Discovery Channel's MythBusters duo concocting a cocktail of something for developers to drink (at their own risk). :)
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